Installed correctly and following proper care and maintenance, your Dream Weaver®, DWellings® or Engineered Floors® branded carpet, made with our exclusive PureColor® fiber, will stay looking newer and beautiful longer. PureColor® is our proprietary brand of solution-dyed fiber that is used in every carpet we make. All our carpets are warranted against staining, fading, soiling, abrasion, manufacturer defects and loss of texture retention. Some are also warranted against pet stains. See the warranty specifications that apply to your particular carpet in one of our pamphlets or visit dwcarpet.com.

Own PureColor® with Confidence

New PureColor® Pet Warranty…

Dream Weaver Carpets:

PureColor Soft Nylon
PureColor Soft Polyester
PureColor Nylon
PureColor Polyester

Added protection for your PureColor® carpet styles made with PureColor® Nylon & Polyester fiber

Installed correctly and with the proper care and maintenance outlined in our warranty brochure and on our website (including professional cleaning), Dream Weaver, a Division of Engineered Floors, warrants your PureColor® Nylon and Polyester carpet, installed indoors, will not be permanently stained from exposure to pet vomit, urine and feces from domestic cats and dogs only. If Dream Weaver Carpets determines that your carpet is stained, Dream Weaver Carpet a division of Engineered Floors will, at our sole discretion, repair or replace the affected area of your carpet and will handle such claims per the Terms and Conditions.

LifeTime Stain Resistance
Lifetime Fade Resistance
*Lifetime Pet Stains N/A N/A
Soil Resistance 25 yr. 25 yr. 15 yr. 15 yr. 10 yr. 5 yr.
Abrasive Wear Resistance 25 yr. 25 yr. 15 yr. 15 yr. 10 yr. 5 yr.
Texture Retention 25 yr. 25 yr. 15 yr. 15 yr. N/A N/A
Manufacturing Defects 25 yr. 25 yr. 15 yr. 15 yr. 10 yr. 1 yr.